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Tony Stewart

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Short Fat Stubby Finger Stories _ formerly Publications) is a personal site created solely to promote the stories, books, poems and other things created by their author - me (Tony Stewart).



My name is Tony Stewart, I live in Brisbane, Australia, and I have created Short Fat Stubby Finger Stories in order to safeguard [and hopefully have published] the various stories and things that I have created and written over the past few years.

I had written a few (unpublished) songs, misc short stories, and children's stories over the years, but became a bit more serious about writing when I began to write poems (love - lost, unrequited and found) around 20 odd years ago.

When I realised that my poems, despite their genre, were in fact short stories, I began writing full length novels for adults and shorter ones for children.   And as a result of being unable to illustrate my books I came up with the idea for draw-it-yourself books.

Short Fat Stubby Finger Publications came about when I retired a few years ago,   At that stage I had been considering self publishing (e-books and Print-on Demand), however it soon transpired that it was far too time consuming and costly to become a small business these days, and it also proved to be very distracting from the writing side of things.   Once I had decided not to go into business I simply changed the web and blog names to Short Fat Stubby Finger Stories which better suits my current position as a writer, not a publisher.

However, that being said, I am currently over mid-way through editing 'The Night of the Darkness', which I hope will attract a publisher or an agent (or both).   'The Night of the Darkness' is the first in a three-to-four part series which I have been progressively blogging in serial form as each chapter is re-edited.    Mind you, the re-editing has resulted in almost twenty new chapters being added to the story which is why it is taking me so long to finish it. 

The blog has been created to hopefully generate an interest in the book, but as the editing is nearing completion I intend to progressively delete the blog.   And if I have been unsuccessful in attracting the attention of a publisher or an agent by that stage I intend to go ahead and publish it as an e-book via amazon or their ilk.    The same applies to the other books and things that I have created including the board game I have created for the series*.

*I have also begun creating a board game based on this book which I can sell through various sources at a moderate price.


The blog can be viewed anytime through here, or using the link provided on this web site.

Regards, and thanks for taking the time to read the preceding information,

Tony Stewart

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I Once Knew a Vampire Named Lizzie


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