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About me and Short Fat Stubby Finger Stories

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Tony Stewart

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             Welcome to Short Fat Stubby Finger Publications.   It is not a publishing house like Random House or Pan.   Rather it is the closest I have come to realising a dream I have had for many years to help me connect with potential readers and hopefully sell a few books either in hard print or as an e-book now that I have retired from the general workforce.   I have written poems, songs and short children's stories over the years and some of those hand written atrocities are slowly resurfacing and the majority of them give me a good chuckle as I slowly potter through the hoard of rubbish I have manage to save over the years in my never ending attempt to clear the clutter out of my life before I depart this mortal coil.  I am not being morbid here, It is just that I have a hatred of letting go of anything that I may use one day or might be worth something one day, but as I get older I am becoming a little bit less selfish with my eccentricity and would prefer not to leave my loved ones with a life time's collection of rubbish to dispose off.  So I am progressivly throwing more and more out.


    Mind you, uncluttering the collective junk stored in brown cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes under one's house, or up in their attic, is something that can be achieved with a little bit of percevience.   

But uncluttering one's mind is a completely different matter, which is why I attempt to clear away the many thoughts and memories of Martians; creatures from other dimensions; broken hearts; rom-coms and the numerous boy's own adventures my mind has conjured up over the years of reading; watching movies and television; listening to vintage rock'n;pop and time travelling with Doctor Who - by writing about them.


   And write about them I have.    Over the past 15 or so years I have been creating new product, commencing with poems then moving on to novels and short stories, including a sci-fi advemture trilogy and even creating two board games which I intend to self produce at a ridiculously cheap price.  


   You will find my stories come from all over the place as ideas and inspirations float in and and out of my mind, often to the point where, in the past, I have commenced writing one or two stories at a time - right in the middle of a novel so I won't forget the plot.    I have slowy trained myself to work around this overload of storylines, but I must admit that it is a losing battle.


   I have attempted twice in the past 15 years to have a book published through traditional publishers, but in both cases they were rejected and I lacked faith in my books being acceptable, but I was fortunate in the fact that in several cases the pubisher listed the reason(s) for the rejection (though not in great detail) but enough to make me curious enough to analsye their words and take notice and I soon realised I did not have the time to edit old material AND write new material at the same time so I set my sights on my retirement (which commenced January 2015) to commence editing and subsequential e-pub and print-on-demand hard print.


   Of course I didn't take into account how long it would take me to teach myself to create my facebook, web and wordpress sites (and learn how to use them (which I still am to some degree)).   However, on that front I have achieved all that I feel I need to at this point and now I am dedicating the majority of my time to the editing of my books starting with the 3 volumes of poems under the collective name 'Love and Other Memories) which are now availableto purchase, as are 2 of the draw-it-yourself books.


   The first novel being edited is the 'The Night of the Darkness', the first in the 'Edge of Nightfall' trilogy and as each chapter is edited it is being released via my blog in order to produce an abridged version of the book.    Once the complete book is edited I intend to produce it in both hard print and e-book versions.







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