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DRAW-IT-YOURSELF BOOKS are stories designed for CHILDREN at various ages which require the reader (or a nominee) to create the illustrations to match the story.

or ADULTS to draw for a variety of reasons

The stories have been especially written in a style which is similar to a Saturday afternoon movie serial or radio broadcasts from the forties and fifties, as each page usually ends up in a cliff hanger which concludes at the beginning of the next page.

Brand new children's adventure stories written byTony Stewart and awaiting YOUR illustrations.

Please note - these are not teach-to-draw books- you need to know how to draw in the first place.

Catch Bessie the Bus to return


The pages are bound with plastic comb binders and all internal pages are numbers so it is possible to remove the pages for drawing with a comb binder if required.

110 gsm cartridge (sketch) paper is used with the text of the story on the left hand page and a blank sheet on the right hand side for the illustrations to be drawn.

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