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This site should be re-pened by the 29TH of May 2015 with a little bit of luck.


 The site has been created to (slowly) release over the next 10 months or so the various stories and books I have created over the years, along with a couple of board games.  The books will be starting with Love and Other Memories volumes 1 to 3, a collection of poems I have written






                                            Two individual Draw - it - Yourself books.








                  Information on these books can be obtained on my blog at                      


                                            primarily under the edition entitled

               'Yabba Dabbe Do - it's Short Fat Finger Publications for me and you'

                          which will be released Friday the 16th of April 2015

Complete samples of some of the poems can also be viewed on previous blogs.


Blogs that make mention to The Night of the Darkness refer to the serialised version of the first part of a trilogy I have written, The Edge of Nightfall .  The first episode will appear on the website permantly, and also appears as a blog on both the web site blog - and on fat stubby finger publications (wordpress blog).   Several episodes will be relesed simiutainously with a new chapter being subsequently released roughly every 7-10 days after the initial release. if you are interested I would suggest that you subscribe to one of the blogs to ensure your recieve all episodes in sequence.






Watch out for the monsters in the night

Watch out for the aliens that live in outer space

Then begin to worry for the future

The future of the human race


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