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Children's poems

by Tony Stewart

Children's poems are a mixture of poems and ingredients for the draw-it-yourself books 'I once knew a vampire named Lizzie'  and " Creatures of the Night ....and their Daytime Friends.'


'I once knew a vampire named Lizzie'  is a draw-it yourself book where the poems are facetious, tongue-in-the-cheek mini horror tales told in verse where the drawings required are things such as vampires, were-wolves ect.  Each story consists of one or two verses per page.

'Creatures of the Night, and their Daytime Friends.' are short  tales told in verse and the characters range from humans to ants, spiders flies, and crows.   In this instance, however, the stories consist of up to 15 verses (or more), but they still only have 2 verses per page.

'Creatures of the Night ... and their Daytime Friends is expected to be published in volumes.


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