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The Night of the Darkness

by Tony Stewart



Joseph Jacobson had been raised from the age of six months in an outer London orphanage until completing his university degrees.   He was then set up in accomodation and given a position within a major import /export company.

   Joseph's life was fairly mundane over the following years, with one notable exception when he had a brief, but short lived, engagement with the only woman to have entered his life in a relationship.


   Following the breakup he had withdrawn from all social commitment, though, in truth, there had been very little of it prior to the short lived relationship, and settled for the safety of televison, occasional movies and music.

   His work at the import/export company continued without interruption as his position allowed him to work unaided, and without the need for social intercourse, while his midday break allowed him the luxuary of total isolation from his work environment by retreating to a small restaraunt where he could indulge himself with toasted sanwiches, a cafe latte or two, a newspaper and the occasional sctatch-it card.

   And it was at this very same restaraunt, at the age of thirty five, that, through a case of mistaken identity, Joseph met Rosetta Tuscanni, the daughter of a very rich Italian professor of archeology who had found a statue believed to have been carved for pagan worshipping of a relativly unknown god: Rangor the Punjanti.

   The statue had been brought to England in order to find a suitable museum to house it.   However the profesor had been discovered in a comatose condition, and the starue was missing.

   Rosetta's friend, Martin, had been contacted by a group calling themselves the Punjani, who wanted the statue and claimed to have the antidote for the professor.    They wanted a trade ... the statue for the antidote and Martin had agreed to try and locate the statue.    He then arranged for Rosetta to meet up with a contact he had in his own profession to help in the search.

   However when Rosetta arrived at the meeting place the contact failed to arrive and Rosetta made contact with Joseph who, for a variety of reasons agreed to help her in the search.

   Arranging to meet Rosetta later that evening Joeph soon had regrets about his impetiousity in agreeing to join her in the search, however when he discovers that Martin has never met the contact he arranged to meet Rosetta face to face, Joseph has a change of heart.

   The following morning they leave London for Trenthmville, the small village located around one and a half hours drive from london, where the professor had been storing the statue.

   What Joseph is unaware of is that Mary Cunningham, a fellow employee, is on his trail.

   Mary had been approached by Johann P Biggs, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, to spy on Joseph, reporting back on any unusual activities that he became involved in, telling Mary he was considering Joseph for a big promotion, but needed to know how he handled stress.

   Mary liked Joseph and agreed to help Biggs in order to help Joseph    Not long after the the conversation with Biggs Mary became aware of Joseph's intended trip to Trenthamville and took it upon herself to follow him.

   When Joseph and his friends arrived in Trenthamville they obtained directions to the farm from the local garage attendant, which Mary also did after Joseph's group continued on to the farm.

   Frank, the garage attendant, began to tell Mary about the strange light that had appeared at the farm that Joseph was heading to, however a customer arrived and as Mary waited for his return she wandered around the room and discovered a photograph of a farm attached to the wall.

   Curious, Mary began to examine the photograph when the creature emerged from it and tried to kill her, but Frank had re-entered the room in time to save her.

   Overcoming her ordeal Mary continued her journey to the farm to meet up with Joseph.

   Meanwhile Joseph and his friends had found the farm to be in disarray with a fire still smouldering on the carpet in the living room.   Later they would find that the fire had been started by the creature when he destroyed local witches who had failed him in locating the statue.

   When Mary arrived at the farm, she told Joseph, who was aware of Mary's pending divorce, that she was intending purchasing a country reteat with her divorce payout.    She told him that she was looking for a cheap farm she could do up a bit and rent it out as a weekender for city dwellers.  Joseph, in turn , told Mary that he was helping a friend out following her father's hospitalisation.   And he led Rositta and Martin to believe his work with Mary was part of his cover.

   Rosetta accepted Mary's appearance with strong reservasions, however Martin accepted her too easily, which resulted in Mary being able to get herself invited to join them the next day when they returned to the farm.

    All four eventually returned to the village and booked themselves in for the night, and during Martin's conversation with William, the hotels owner, he learn't that William was a protector's channel.   This meant he was incontact with a life-force that called themselves 'The Guardians' whose prime responsibiltiy was to run interference between danger from the stars and certain planets throughout the galaxy and that included Earth.   At the moment their priority concerned the attempts by Rangor the Punjanti over the past few decades to enter the Earth.    They were certain, should he succeed the devistation to Earth's population would be irreprable.

    William's job was to do anything the Guardians required in their attempts to prevent Rangor from succeeding.    He also told Martin that they had told him the future had already been written, Rangor had lost, but he was attempting to arrive before the defeat had occured and change the future.    William was not given privvy to the full details, but he was feeling rather aprehensive about this particular weekend.   His senses were all warning him that this weekend may be one that he may never forget ... if he lived long enough to have a memory of it.


   And the reason why William was so apprehensive was that the Guardians had often mentioned there was one man capable of destroying Rangor - and William believed that man had now arrived in the village, but he had no idea who he was.   But if he was here, then the battle was not far away.

   Meanwhile, while Mary had been speaking to Frank at the garage she had learnt it was his friend Old Laurie that had taken the photo and she had talked Frank into meeting him.   Frank had done so and Old Laurie was waiting for her in the licesnced area, so as soon as she had booked in Mary headed off to

join him.

    While Mary was speaking to Old Laurie, Joseph was discussing the professor's diary and they had discovered the reason behind the Pujnani's following of the creature - and they also discovered that the statue was to be the entry point for the creature to enter Earth.

    The Guardians also contacted Joseph and it was then that he realised that he was the leader in this particular situation.   His instincts had been right ... he was preordained to become involved and the other members of the small group  accepted his position without question.

   However, Rangor had expected Joseph's arrival and had plans in motion to prevent his intervention.

   Rosetta was attacked and made comotose, thus reducing Joseph's troops by one.


   Then Martin and Mary were kindapped.and held prisoner by Ragor's earthly henchmen while they awaited death at the hands of Rangor himself.

   It took Joseph a while  to work out where his friends were being held prisoner and once he did he realsided it would have been in one of the village churches.

    The first church he entered put him in contact with a vicar who offered to help him in his mission and when Joseph realised which church it was that was the one he was searching for the two men made arrangenetments to meet there.

    Arriving at the church Joseph discovered where his friends were hidden, but  he was facing a huge problem when he reaslised they were in a drug related coma.

   Then to make matters worse he realised the vicar was in league with Rangor.

   However, to his surprise, somebody he had suspected was also in league with Rangor arrived and proved to be the complete opposite.

   And so the battle between good and bad, between opressor and saviour began - a fight to the bitter end.


Please note thatn this synopsis applies only to the abridged version .

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