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The Edge of Nightfall

by Tony Stewart

A4 part series commencing with vol 1 currently being published in serial form via wordpress, tumblr and facebook

Through a chance of fate, or perhaps by a pre-set destiny, a 35 year old Londoner finds himself pitted in a battle against perhaps the greatest evil to ever attempt to destroy mankind.

A sci-fi/horror/adventure in 4 volumes.

Volumes 1 - 2 and 3 complete but currently undergoing edit.

Volume 4 is currently a work-in-progress.

The first 3 chapters of volume 1 are available to read (click here). - or can be viewed on a wordpress blog (press here for episode one)

Chapters for Volume 2 and 3 are not shown as they would create spoilers for volume 1.

soon to be available as a board game

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