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Information for PUBLISHERS and AGENTS from Tony Stewart

This page is for the use of potential publishers and agents.   The current status of each story will appear on its own page


Types of books and things written and created

by Tony Stewart

Romance ...

Sci-fi/adventure stories ...

Children's stories

Draw-it-yourself books ... Board Games ...Thrillers

 ... Short stories ...

Romantic poems

Misc poems ...

Children's poems

The stories and board games listed on this web site are an accumulation of 20 years (plus) investment in enjoying creating and tweaking the thoughts and ideas that crossed through my mind at various times of my life.


Now as I review each story, poem and board game,   I find the stories to be still as fresh as they were when they first entered my mind;

I am currently editing, tweaking and enjoying all that I have listed in this website, and I truly believe that the stories will be more than acceptable to the right eyes.

I am only offering my works in this manner as it seems no one agent or publisher deals with all the styles and areas I have wandered into and this way you have the opportunity to select only the  genres suit your purposes.

And secondly. I am getting far too old to have time left in my life (or the bank balance) to send each story, poem or game out in a single file to several hundred agents and publishers in the hope that one of them may feel compelled to at least show some interest in one or more of my offerings.

And thirdly, the web saves one having paper spread over all over one's table, and outside of sun spots, telecom melt downs and other acts of a similar ilk, the web is accessible 24/7.   So as long as you don't lose the web site address, you can come and go there as often as you like, and contact me in the same time period (as long as I am not sound asleep).

Well, that's it from me.   Hope to hear from you (even if it's only a 'g'day).   Otherwise, thank you for taking the time to read the preceding.


Tony Stewart

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