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Last Night

by Tony Stewart

Last night I had a bad dream

I was a little scared

I cried a little bit

But I’m sure that nobody heard


Because my mother didn’t come in

And check that I was okay - I guess my cry she never heard

I could hear my father snoring loud

And in the next bed - my brother never stirred


But it wasn’t easy

To go back to sleep again

Because I was left alone to wonder

About the dream that caused me so much pain


I had dreamt of Hobgoblins

Tickling my toes and feet

And humongous, gigantic frothy waves

In a sea of soft drink - that tasted, oh so sweet


I had dreamt of sea gulls flying

And Pelicans and a goat

That all ended up inside

The lining of my boat


And then I started sinking

Into that bubbly cordial sea

My mouth swallowed so much drink

I was feeling sick as I could be


When out of nowhere

A hand reached down to me

Pulled me quickly back to land

 Away from the frothy sea


But instead of feeling safe again

A spider changed my mind

As he wandered down his web

And ran onto my arm


Not only was he black and red

But his teeth were very green

And as his saliva ran down his chin

I felt like I should start to scream


But before I got the chance

To run as far as I could

The spider disappeared

Replaced by a length of wood


But not just a  piece of normal wood

This was green and blue

Sparkling like the brightest star

I wondered what it would do


It spun and spun

And turned around

Then suddenly it was no longer a piece of wood

It was a snake upon the ground


Now this was all too much for me

Snakes and spiders, and soft drink for a sea

So I woke up and stayed awake

From three o’clock  - ‘till it was time for school for me


And when my mother

The next morning asked why I looked so sleepy

I tried to explain

The dreams that I’d had of things all green and creepy


But she just laughed

And then she said

Not to mix peanuts and jam, and chocolate on my bread

Just before I went to bed


I wish I could take her

Through the worlds that I walk at night

To crabs with two heads

And giants with bad breath that give me such a fright


To lands of monkeys that eat green cheese

And purple dogs and cats

To where I can really fly

on the backs of Dracula's famous really large black and very teethy bats


Then perhaps she would see

And perhaps she'd understand

That my days - sometimes

Are just like my dreams - always kind of scary, but also very grand


And some days are like a bad dream

Sometimes I get scared and have respect for fears

And then I cry just a little

But nobody ever hears


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