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Due to a delay in having the MULTI-ORDER facilities provided to this site, for the moment all orders will unfortunatly be SINGLE ORDERS ONLY.   Mind you, there are only a total of five books to choose from at the moment .... BUT

To make things easier for those that want 2 or 3 VOLUMES of Love and Other Memories delivered together I have tweaked the BUY NOW BUTTONS to advise me of your INCREASED requirements - Please be careful to use the right button - However, the PRICE should warn you before you complete the payment if you have over-ordered and therefore allow you to cancel that order and re-order the correct quantity.

The DRAW-IT-YOURSELF titles have also been tweaked to allow for a COPY OF EACH to be ordered simutainously.    HOWEVER, should you require more than TWO COPIES of either title in the DRAW-IT-YOURSELF range please E-MAIL YOUR ORDER and I will provide you with the best postage rate I can obtain, and if you are happy with the total price I can create a ONE TIME PAY BUTTON  for your requirement.

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Love and Other Memories: vol 1

Love and Other Memories: vol 2

Love and Other  Memories vol 3


(Including Postage)


vol 1:  $22.40 AUD

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vol 1 and vol 2  $46.50 AUD

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(Including Postage)


vol 2:  $22.40

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vol 1 and vol 3  $46.50 AUD

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(Including Postage)


vol 3  $22.40 AUD

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vol 2 and vol 3  $46.50 AUD

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vol 1, vol 2 and vol 3   $68.90 AUD

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Bessie the Stradbroke Flyer

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Bessie the Stradbroke flyer   $22.40 aud

The Cow That Could Swim

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The cow that could swim  $22.40 aud



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Double the fun  

The Cow That Could Swim,

and Bessie the Stradbroke Flyer   $46.50 aud


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