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The books can be used as a project or a fundraiser for schools or club.  

Can be used to create a gift that can last forever.

Draw-it-Yourself Books

 Brand new stories where you provide the illustrations by painting them or using pencil or charcoal to draw them.

Ideal to provide new material for aspiring artists for their resume

These books are currently being tweaked to become available in full length format as well as SENIOR and JUNIOR versions of the draw-it-yourself books.

Draw-it-Yourself are approximitly 50 pages (25 pgs of text/25 blank pgs requiring illustration)

The book is comb bound and the paper is 110 g.s.m. cartridge (kraft) which allows the artist to use paint, pencil or carbon illustrations.

Not a step-by-step teach yourself to draw book, they are books for many they can be used for that reason including in asssociation with teaching a child to read.

A chance for the reader to express themselves by creating illustrations to match a fast moving fun filled original action story



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