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The reason for SHORT FAT STUBBY FINGER STORIES (formally 'Publications', but never a business) is simply to make available to publishers and agents information regarding all that I have written regardless of whether it is completed, incomplete, partly created* or whatever.

The reason why I am doing it this way is because I feel that my ideas are worth submitting, but with such a wide variety of stories it can be quite expensive to send manuscripts out to suitable publishers/agents if I have to send them out one at a time to a range of agents and publishers only to get a reject and have to start all over again.

I thought it would be a lot more simpler if I put this web site together to allow publishers and agents to see what I have on offer currently and what is coming over the next two years.   This way the reader can quickly make a decision as to whether or not something peaks their interest and they then can make contact with me regarding more information on that particular item if they so wish.

If further information is required on anything listed please e-mail me at

Special notes:

*Refers to two board games I am working on.

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