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William and the Long Haired Worm

A Draw-It-Yourself book

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For those of you who are going to illustrate this book you will find you have your hands full because it is very hard to describe William, and so most people don't know what he looks like.  And that includes me, but I may be forced to give a description one day.  But until that day comes ...   You see William was a ... well he wasn't a mouse, like most people thought.  He was ... well it doesn't matter at the moment, but he isn't a mouse: William is ... no, sorry, that is another story.   This story concerns William's friend Worm who appears to have grown hair on his head.  The first worm in the entire world to grow hair and Worm just knew he was going to become famous.   When you need to illustrate William may I suggest istead of trying to guess what he looks like, simply see what he sees and draw it as if looking through his eyes from inside (the reverse of the image below only not so mean looking).after all William is a good guy ... I think.


William and the Long - haired Worm

Tony Stewart  

2431 words


Chapter one




One, cold, late, autumn day, as snow clouds hovered low in the sky; as a cool breeze chilled the bones of all that ventured out on such a bleak day, William, bored with staying home while Mary and her family were away visiting Mary’s Aunt Julianne, decided it was time to go outside and explore regardless of the weather.

   William put on a warm jumper and his sheep skin boots and cautiously slithered under the door and began to walk down the front stairs.    He had only gone but a few steps when he heard a strange sound coming from somewhere unknown … a noise like someone singing, then laughing, then singing again.   

   His curiosity was aroused and William quickly made his way towards where the sound was coming from.   Down the stairs and across the lawn towards the shed he went, as fast as his short legs could take him, but unexpectedly the noise stopped, and so did he.   He listened hard, and suddenly the music started up again.   William set off for the shed once more, only a lot slower this time, following the music with every step.  

    Imagine William’s surprise when he rounded the corner and found the voice belonged to a worm! - A long, long, wiggly worm, with something that looked like a huge mop of hair on the top of its head - a grinning, singing long worm with a huge mop of hair belting out his song at the top of his lungs  ‘When people see me  - they stop and look and stare. They think that I am beautiful - because I’ve got such a lovely head of hair.’

   “You have got a lovely bunch of hair, Worm.”    William remarked, with a smile.  “I didn’t know that worms grew hair.”  

   “They don’t normally.”  Worm replied.  “But I am a special type of worm.”  

   “What sort of worm are you then, Worm?”   William asked in astonishment at this revelation, for he had known Worm for a long time and this disclosure had come as a complete surprise.   

   “I am a long-haired worm.”    Worm replied.  

    “You mean a wriggly worm, don’t you?”   William objected.    “There is no such thing as a long-haired worm.”  

   “There is now!”   Worm stated indignantly.   “There is, most likely, only one long-haired worm in the world - and I am that worm.   You can see the hair on my head.   I am the only worm that I know with a head full of hair, so I must be a long-haired worm.” 

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