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Love and Other Memories

Vol 2 Poem 2

So afraid of the dark

by Tony Stewart


I am so afraid of the dark

Afraid of what the night time brings

Frightened of the creatures of the night

Scared of so many things


I never used to be this way

It was only when you came along and showered love on me

then were swallowed by the darkness that comes with fading light

You disappeared from my life -  I have no idea wherever you can be


I had never known love

Not love like yours at least

So when it came I was unprepared for it to start

It nearly killed me when it ceased


All my life I'd been alone

No knowledge of how love and emotion felt

And with your charming, seductive ways

it was so easy for you to burn me up, and make my poor heart melt


I felt that I'd been crucified

and brought back to life again

Your kisses breathed fire into my soul

Passion ran amok, akin to volcanic rain


It felt like heavens gate

had been swung open wide

And in your all embracing desire for me

you were pulling me inside


It had never felt so good to live before

Blue skies and happiness were all I saw for days

You had me totally mesmerized

Obsessed with you and your loving ways


Then like a mirage that changes without the sun

the night time came in, casting shadows on the lawn

Sometime after midnight, you would vanish in the dark

I learnt to fear the loss of light, before the morning dawn


Now each night too frightened to go to sleep

I sit here by the window, a candle by my side

Light emblazing from its burning wick

showing you you're always welcome here inside


Living in a dream of hope that someday you'll come back

knocking on my door

Begging me to let you come back inside

back to love me again once more


The fear of night does torture me

I long so hard for you

But until I hear again from you

there is nothing else that I can do

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