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Love and Other Memories

vol 2 poem 1

Some Summer's Morn

by Tony Stewart

Breakfast by the pool

Dawn’s breaking with a golden ray

And when this coffee’s drunk

I’ll be on my way


Though unlike a normal day

It’ll be a permanent thing

Although you don’t know it yet

I’ve broken those vows that were a condition of the ring


Never meant to happen

These things befall us know and then

But my feelings are much stronger

than I can remember when


Could have been something

that might never have been

If fate had not stepped in

Found a way to come between


For such a long time

everything was so sweet

Temptation stayed so far away

Then when least expected

destiny came knocking

on the door one bright and sunny day


When two pairs of eyes locked

Two souls entwined as one

The future of our lives were in our hands

No going back once the deed was done


And as we let ourselves

drift into immoral, amorous bliss

Not one iota of regret

do I have for this


Yet deep inside my guarded heart

I know I‘ve hurt you bad

And though you’ll weep a thousand tears

I beg you please don’t be sad


Instead won’t you please pity me

for this unreasonable thing I’ve done

You haven’t lost by my leaving you

Instead , you know, you’ve really won


For if I’d stayed in our home

and lived a lie with you

Eventually we would have drifted apart

Our love no longer strong


Soon the pains would come

The wounds would open wide

You know you’re better off being on your own

Than carrying mistrust inside


And so it is with some regret

I silently bid farewell to you

I’ve spent my last summer’s morn

being here with you







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