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Poems by

Tony Stewart

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Love and other memories volumes 1 -3




Sceptical Heart (Please believe in love again) - Fantasies - Errors - The First Step - Games That Lover's Play - Love is a Question (may I ask it of you) - Prejuices - Love - Love's Gone - An Ode to a Lost Love - When Love is Blind - Have I Told You Once More Today (I Love You) - Dealing With Forbidden Love - Someone - Spring - Every Face That I See - Building Bridges - I Am So happy (So Lucky) To Have a Friend Like You - I'm Hurting (deep inside) (Mother's Day) - Velvet Memories -I Love You - If I could - Happiness - Running With the Wind -



So Afraid of the Dark - Is Love Worth the Pain - Shockwaves -So Sad This life - I Guess - What Right - Some Summer's Morn - How - The Clown - Black Heart - Tell Me (what friendship means to you) - How BiTTer anD TwitEd (I have become) -it's Over - Bastard - Strength - Hope and Faith - Who Will Save the Tiger - I Am Your Friend (aLways) - Don't Come To Me (with anger in your eyes) - Daddy's Gone Away (Baby's gone away too) - Faces in the Coffee Shop - Are You Ready - No One Will Ever (steal this heart again) - Love's Long Gone - Guilt - Bottling Up - Chasing Shadows - The Treasure of You - Travelling - Don't Ever Seek Revenge - I Buy You Flowers - Is This My Imagination - Walking After Midnight (down a one-way street) - Don't Ever Say (Goodbye) - So Blind (can't you see) -Sad Eyes - gift's (I give to you)

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                                                VOLUME THREE: 


  Growing Up (and learning how to be single) - Letting Go - The Truth - Pressure - Trust in Me - In Fear of Love - Space - Lessons in Love - Somewhere in Time - Strawberries - Sleepwalk Winddance - It's Too Late - (but part of me still misses you)  - Yesterday's Gone (but my love lingers on) - Freedom - So Many Things - Dragons - Please Take  a Seat - Will I Be The One (To awaken the woman in you) - A Lover's Question - How I Miss the Golden Days - There's No One To Blame - Summer Winds - The Bride (Pain So Hard to hide) - Confidence and Me - Some Long Forgotten Dream - Someday - Slipaway (to my arms) - I Love You -

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