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Love and Other Memories

vol 1  poem 1

    ERRORS by Tony Stewart



When I wake up in the morning

When my brain's still half asleep

Just for a moment I accept all the errors that I made

That I have buried oh so deep


Again I start to wonder

Can I make it through the day

Or should perhaps I let my life

Slowly fade away


Then for reasons quite unknown

I call you on the phone

Just to hear your voice again

I'm glad that you are home and you are home alone


From the moment your voice comes on

I feel a wonderful calm - you take away the pain

It makes me wonder why it was

It took so long for me to speak to you again


It matters not the words you speak

What you mean or what you have to say

It's just the sheer ecstasy

Of hearing your voice again today


Words alone cannot explain

This magic moment and the way it makes me feel

The wondrous rapture in my heart makes me care not

If this is but a dream nor care if it's not for real


Tomorrow morning will most likely be

The same as it was yesterday

And it probably always be this way

While you're so far away


But I know my lonely days will finish

When the phone is not where words are said

But whispered soft and quietly

On two pillows shared upon a bed


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