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Love and Other Memories

Volume 3  Poem 2


by Tony Stewart


I bite into a strawberry

It's sweetness reminds me of your lips

Takes me to a land so far away

To a sea of sailing ships


To a time immemorial

To where white clouds float aimlessly by

Rambling slowly through the heavens

Across the deep blue sky


To where the gods of love

Drew plans up for you and I

And Cupid shot his arrows

Far up into the sky


And my mind becomes enclouded

Between memories and a dream

Of yesterdays and times spent with you

Chasing after falling stars, or so the feelings seem


Holding hands and sharing love

together every day

This is what we did best

But our destiny had other plans for our growth of love

And somehow we stumbled in our ways

let other lives into ours and I guess you know the rest


But these strawberries that I'm eating

Keep my memories feeling sweet

Of times we went out dancing

I can feel a stirring in my feet


And better times that we once had

Are coming back into my head

I don't know why we broke up

Maybe it was something that one of us had said


But given half the chance

To love with you again

Would be like some magic strawberry potion

Would ease my every pain


Ah, but memories are all that I have

Of you and love and pain

And that's all I'm going to have

Till I eat strawberries once again

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