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Love and Other Memories

Vol  3 - poem 1


Please Take a Seat

by Tony Stewart

There’s room for one more at my table for two

Please won’t you pull up a chair

I’ve got lot’s of time to give

We’ve got so many memories to share


Oh lord!  it’s good to see you again

How many days has it been

Probably it’s only been just over a week

but an eternity is how it does seem


I still find it hard to accept

you’ve misplaced the magic that we had

I really don’t have any idea

why everything has turned out so bad


But still it is great to see you again

you are looking so beautiful and so fine

Though I think, in my mind, you looked better

in the days when we used to shine


Please don’t stand there hesitating

take the chair, sit down, let’s talk

Perhaps, afterwards, if we both have the courage

perhaps we can go for a walk


I know it’s too early for new beginnings

for looking for someone, or something to blame

I don’t really know for certain

but I think our fate was partly too blame


Still, I’m glad that I have seen you

I cried such a lot that night

I guess you thought I did something that hurt you

I’m so sorry I can’t put it right


Please don’t run, feel awkward, or take fright

Sit down, we can still each have a friend

Please, my feelings are still so very strong

I don’t want this night to end


The joy we knew was so wonderful

so natural and so nice

I would really appreciate your consideration

that maybe, just maybe, we could try twice


Thank you so much for sitting

for joining with me for a while

Even if nothing else happens

you’ve made my night, with your smile


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